Venice Events and Venice Festivals 2010 / 2011


Venice National Public Holidays

* 1st January - New Year's Day
* 6th January - Epiphany
* Early April - Easter Monday
* 25th April - Liberation Day and St. Mark's Feast Day
* 1st May - Labour Day
* 29th June - Local Feast Day
* 15th August - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
* 1st November - All Saints' Day
* 8th December - Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
* 24th December - Christmas Eve
* 25th December - Christmas Day
* 26th December - Boxing Day / St. Stephen's Day

Venice Events in January
- Venice

* New Year's Day - festivities on the beach at the Lido
* Regatta delle Befane - 6th January, this is the first of more than 100 regattas on the lagoon throughout the year

Venice Events in February
- Venice

* Bacanal del Gnoco - 11th February, a traditional masked procession in Verona, with masked balls held in town squares
* Carnevale - probably the most major event held in Venice. Venetians wear spectacular costumes and masks during this week-long party in the run up to Ash Wednesday

Venice Events in March - Venice

* La Vecia - mid-lent, where Gardone and Gargnano on Lake Garda host festivals and an image of a woman is burnt on a bonfire, remembering the past 'Hag Trials' that were held in medieval times

Venice Events in April - Venice

* Festa di San Marco - 25th April , the feast day of the city's patron saint, when men are supposed to give their loved ones a bunch of roses. There is also a gondoliers' regatta and the Lion of St. Mark's golf championship

Venice Events in May - Venice

* Festa della Sparesca - 1st May, this regatta and festival is held on the Cavillino in the lagoon
* Festa Medioevale del vino Soave Bianco Soave - 5th May, medieval-style celebrations of the appointment of Castillan of Suavia, including historical processions, music in the town square and theatrical performances
* Vogalonga - this popular rowing regatta has over 3,000 participants, rowing a 32 km / 20 mile route from the Bacino di San Marco up to Burano and back down the Grand Canal via Cannaregio
* Vapollicellore - 8th May, festival of local wine in Cellore, with many displays and exhibitions
* Festa della Sensa - second Sunday of May, this is the Feast of Ascension, with regattas taking place on the Lido
* Palio delle Quattro Antiche Repubbliche Marinare - late May, the former maritime republics of Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice take turns to host the very colourful and historic annual 'Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics'

Venice Events in June
- Venice

* Serenissima - first Saturday in June, this event is a fast, offshore Grand Prix motorboat race
* Sagra di Sant'Antonio - 13th June, the Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated in Prato della Valle with a lively fair
* Biennale - to September, this is the world's largest exhibition of contemporary art and runs every other year, in odd-numbers years
* Regatta di Santi Giovanni e Paolo - third Sunday in June, a traditional sailing regatta in Carole
* Sagra di San Pietro in Castello - last weekend of June, this busy, local festival includes music, drinking and eating at the steps of the church that used to be Venice's cathedral
* Marciliana - late June, this medieval pageant commemorates the siege of Chioggia by Genoa in 1380 and also includes rowing and archery events
* Venezia Biennale - to November, this major international exhibition of audio arts take place every even-numbered year in the Giardini Pubblici and first started in 1895

Venice Events in July - Venice

* Festa del Redentore - third weekend, the Feast of Redeemer is marked by a large regatta on the Grand Canal, and fireworks
* Opera Festival - to September, a festival of music, dance, drama and opera, in the Roman Arena and churches
* Shakespeare Festival - celebrating the works of this world-famous playwright
* Sardella al Pal del Vo - 22nd July, moonlit sardine fishing on Lake Garda at Pal del Vo, with illuminated boats. The catch is cooked and eaten immediately

Venice Events in August - Venice

* Village Festivals - during August, there are many local summer festivals throughout Veneto, often including boat races and fireworks
* Palio di Feltre - first week in August, feasts, horse races and medieval games commemorate Feltre's inclusion into the Venetian empire
* Festa dell'Assunta - 6th to 14th August, a truly spectacular nine-day celebration in Treviso, with dance, music, poetry, entertainment and many competitions
* Mostra del Cinema di Venezia - late August / early September, the large Venice International Film Festival is held annually at the Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido and is the city's version of Cannes

Venice Events in September
- Venice

* Regatta Storica - first Sunday in September, this historic gondola race first took place in 1274 and starts at Castello
* Vivaldi Festival - this is a popular festival of contemporary music
* Partita a Scacchi - second weekend in September, a human chess game is played in medieval costume in the chequerboard main square at Maròstica
* Palio dei Dieci Comuni - a pageant and horse race celebrates the liberation of the town of Montagnana

Venice Events in October - Venice

* Venice Marathon - first weekend, this race is enjoyed by crowds of spectators
* Bardolino Grape Festival - first Sunday in October, the festival is held to celebrate the harvest
* Festa di Mosto - first weekend in October, the Feast of the Must on Sant'Erasmo, where grapes are still pressed by foot

Venice Events in November - Venice

* St. Martin's Day - a popular fair in the streets of the city
* Festa della Madonna della Salute - 21st November, this procession over a bridge of boats across the Grand Canal to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute gives thanks for the end of the great plague in 1631

Venice Events in December
- Venice

* Opera and Ballet - to January, this time of year is the opera and ballet season at La Fenicee and Teatro Goldoni
* St. Stephen's Day - December 26th, many Venetians visit nativity scenes in churches throughout Venice on this public holiday
* New Year's Eve - December 31st, masses are celebrated in churches and traditionally, broken crockery is tossed from balconies. There are also many parties and general celebrations

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