Rialto Bridge

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The Rialto is the oldest, the most famous and the loveliest of the three bridges spanning the Grand Canal. Originally made of wood, a picture by Carpaccio in the Academy Galleries illustrates the special mechanism with which it was once equipped that allowed the middle section to be moved whereby even the tallest masted ships could sail through. In the 16th century it was decided to rebuild ii in stone. A competition was called, attracting the participation of such well-known architects as Michelangelo and Sansovino. Antonio da Ponte, the winer, completed this undertaking in 1592. The canal at this point is only 28 meters wide. The height of the bridge at the center is 7.5 meters. The two ends rest upon 12 000 wooden pylons sunk into the muddy depths. There are twentyfour picturesque shops on the bridge, separated in the middle by two arches that offer access to two upper floors overlooking the Grand Canal. The magnificent view to be had from here makes it one of the most popular places for photographers, tourist and artists.

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