Bridge of Sighs


The bridge joins the Doge`s Palace to the 16th century Prigioni Nouve (New Prison) and was designed by Antonio Contini in the decorative 17th century Barogue style. The sighs the bridge was named for actually go back to a 19th century Romantic tradition, they had nothing to do with sighs of love, but were probably the much more tragic exhalations of the condemend as they cast a last glance at Venice through the grille windows along the way. Beyond the Ponte della Paglia we continue down the Riva degli Schiavoni now a favorite promenade and once the moorning station for trading vessels coming from Schiavonia (now Dalmatia). Lined with cafes and hotels it is the most popular Venetian promenade along the entire basin of San Marko, up to Giardini di Castello in which part of the Biennale dÀrte Moderna is held.

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