Venicelink: Private and Shared Water Taxi Service in Venice

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It’s always a quandary: How should we get to Venice from the airport? Bus and vaporetto combination? (Convenient, reasonable, slightly cumbersome depending on final arrival location.) Alilaguna waterbus? (Slower, cheaper, handy.) Taxi? (Expensive, private, faster, glamour.), run by the private Alilaguna water bus service, offers some convenient options that might help making those decisions a bit easier…and you can book online. For example:

* They offer the best price by far for a private water taxi for airport, Marittima cruise port, Piazzale Roma, train station, Lido, and Hilton transfers, and more.
* They also offer an AirportLink shared taxi option for even less (€27 per person one way, €50 round trip), as long as you are willing ride along as other passengers with different destinations are picked up or dropped off. (There is two person minimum.) That’s €25 per person to be delivered to the nearest stop to your destination, the same price as the Alilaguna line that’s direct to San Marco.
* You can book your slightly discounted Alilaguna waterbus tickets for transfers from Marco Polo airport online, for one-way or round trip.

VeniceLink also offers three-island excursions, which are not recommended. It’s impossible to see all these islands in one day, and if you insist, you’re better off buying a vaporetto pass and do it on your own time. (It’s much cheaper, and you won’t have anybody rushing you back on the boat.)

A small request: Make the lagoon happy and ask your taxi driver to please, slow down. He won’t…but at least you can let him know the health of the lagoon is important to you, yes?

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