Art by Jim Hodges

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Many artists create pieces that are only understood by them. This is not the case with Jim Hodges, an American talent who’s work catches our attention because of its simplicity, its nature poetry and its ode to fragility. This simple artistic language will move you and you have until April 5th to see it at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice. It is “Jim Hodges. Love, eccetera.

Contrasting work

This artist is usually defined as a bipolar character because of his minimalist and baroque style at the same time. His works can be made with various materials and sophisticated colours or can be reduced to a simple cobweb or a picture of a tree trunk. He likes the simple means such as paper, cloth flowers, music partitions, broken mirrors with which he makes collages, sculptures, sewing… But since the late 80s, his favorite medium is drawing.

His art provokes emotion and sweetness, he talks about love and about sublime things, like death, disease and temporality. His artistic resources express the beauty of simplicity and fragility, an aspect reflected by the 60 works that can be seen in this sample in Venice.

Nature is his muse

The main inspiration of Jim Hodges (1957, Spokane, Washington) is nature: the fusion with nature and its shapes. Maybe his art results easy and relaxing to you and the exhibition will leave you with the feeling of having received a massage. Jim Hodges enables you to appreciate the beauty of things as they are, without looking beyond the natural.

Before travelling to Venice, the exhibition was in the Pompidou Centre in Paris, revealing the prestige of this artist in the contemporary scene. Take advantage of this event in Venice to spend your holiday in Italy, the cradle of art history. Nature and love are also gathered in the city of canals, a cocktail that will be explosive if you rent apartments in Venice.

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